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Curriculum is the cornerstone of a school district’s instructional focus and its beliefs in what students need to know and will be able to do to succeed in work and advanced education. A quality curriculum depends on the strength of its development and construction of its individual components and how they are designed and blended in a strong comprehensive program which meets the needs of all learners.

NPS Instructional Framework

The Instructional Framework developed by NPS staff sets the structure of how our educators teach students in the classroom.

It is organized through the task, student, teacher tripod view of instruction presented by Richard Elmore as the Instructional Core. This has become the way we talk about instruction in Norwich. Like a tripod, if you change one element in the Instructional Core, you must change the others to keep everything balanced. Elmore’s book, Instructional Rounds in Education is a great resource to learn more about the Instructional Core.



Curriculum Standards

These standards define the knowledge and skills students strive to acquire throughout their K-12 education in English Language Arts, Math, and Science.

Learn more about state standards and other pertinent education information on the CSDE's website

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