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Board of Education Goals

The Board of Education believes that the ultimate goal of an education in the district schools should be to prepare each student for a world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands, while retaining the basic values and democratic principles of the American culture. Further, the district has outlined below student learning goals for our students and professional learning goals for us all as members of our educational community.

The Norwich Board of Education will meet in person starting in November. To maximize social distancing the meetings will be temporarily held in the Kelly Middle School auditorium. We recognize that it is important to be able to view the meeting for community members who are not comfortable attending in person. To that end, our technology department has partnered with NFA and will be utilizing their process of streaming in real time to YouTube. There will be a link provided on Board Docs. 

As a reminder, when the BOE is in person public comments are done by emailing Amber Rutigliano at by 3:00PM on the day of the meeting or by joining us in person and signing up to speak.  There will be a clipboard by the door for you to sign up if you wish to speak, and we will call people up to the microphone when it is their turn. As a reminder, all BOE Members and Central Office staff are not allowed to respond to public comments during the scheduled BOE meeting time. Public comments will only be addressed by the BOE Chair and/or appropriate Administrators from the Central Office after the meeting is adjourned.


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Norwich BOE Meeting 1/11/22

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“It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential.”

Brad Henry