A view into the auditorium at Kelly Middle School

Norwich Public Schools makes its facilities available for rental before and after school, during evenings and on weekends.

Fee Schedule

Use of facility fees will be charged to organizations in accordance with Policy 1330(a).

  Group A
(Norwich Non-Profit)
Group B
(Out of Town Organizations, 
For-Profit Organizations)
Classroom(s) No Rental Fee $38.50 per hour
Library Media Center No Rental Fee $38.50 per hour
Community Rooms (no food) No Rental Fee $38.50 per hour
Cafeteria No Rental Fee $44.90 per hour
*Kitchen No Rental Fee $38.50 per hour
*Kitchen Staff required for kitchen rentals at $25.00 per hour from setup to cleanup.
Gymnasium No Rental Fee $38.50 per hour
**Auditorium No Rental Fee $192.50 per hour
(rehearsals on weeknights)
No Rental Fee $64.15 per hour
(rehearsals on weekends)
No Rental Fee $192.50 per hour
**Technicians are $50.00 per hour/per technician (3-hour minimum). Video required events will usually require two technicians for the event. All prep work, rehearsal work and closing work will be billed $50.00 per hour also- generally only requiring one technician for these activities.
MAINTENANCE FEE: $38.50/hr weekday or weekend
$47.50/hr weekday or weekend
1 additional hour for clean-up will be charged for rentals.

Any individual or organization that contracts to rent the Kelly Middle School Auditorium must provide their own computer and operator when their program includes: Power Point presentations, video programs or downloaded music. The control room operator will only play commercially produced DVD and CD disc on auditorium equipment.

The Superintendent and her disignee has the authority to waive the auditorium rental fee for Group A, with proof of extenuating circumstances.

Police coverage (if necessary) must be arranged directly by the Grantee and proof of coverage must be shown to Norwich Public Schools. 

The school district reserves the right to authorize the number of police, fire, custodians or other safety personnel required for each activity. No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium at any time. Door monitors will be provided by the Grantee and are expected to enforce this at all times. Staff fees increase annually based on negotiated contracts and rental fees will be addressed on an as needed basis.

All rentals must be paid for in advance of rental dates, cash or money order only please.

Auditorium – no food, candy, gum, or beverage will be allowed in the auditorium at any time.  Door monitors will be provided by the Grantee to monitor and enforce this and to let your guests into the building for the duration of your rental.

We will make every effort to ensure the events run smoothly and to prep all technical equipment prior to events. Norwich Public Schools will be held harmless from any unforeseen outages or technical difficulties.



Matthew Brown

Supervisor - Facilities

Deborah LaChance

Administrative Assistant - Maintenance