Health Services

Various nurses' health instruments

Student Health Services promotes wellness and safeguards the physical health of all Norwich students. Optimal health is essential to enable students to cope with social interactions, physical activities, and classroom learning. A nurse is assigned to each school building and is responsible for the health and well being of students and other building occupants.

Health Services Include:

  • Physical Assessments

  • Vision Screenings

  • Hearing Screenings

  • Blood Pressure Screenings (as required)

  • Postural Screenings

  • Administration of Medications as directed by the child's physician

  • Health and Wellness Education

Medical Requirements to Enter Any Norwich Public School

Child receiving a vaccine

School Based Health Centers

The mission of the Special Education Program is to individualize the instruction and support of special education students based on specific identified needs in order for them to achieve at their highest level. 

Our community partner United Community & Family Services (UCFS) manages our School Based Health Centers within the district.


  • Mental Health Assessments

  • Substance Abuse Screenings

  • Counseling (individual, group, and family)


  • Stanton Elementary

  • TM Global Studies Magnet Middle

  • Kelly STEAM Magnet Middle


Family Resource Guide 6.1.22

This packet contains 27 pages of local resources for families- including food assistance programs, domestic violence, utility assistance, health care, mental health, counseling, transportation, employment services, parenting classes and many more. NPS updates this packet regularly as more resources become available.

First page of the PDF file: Helping_Our_Children_Supporting_Their_Mental_Health

This packet is designed to help families in crisis. This provides practical advice for parents of children who are depressed, anxious, suicidal and engaging in self-harm. This information highlights alternatives to the Emergency Department, how to locate counselors for your child, developing family plans, using school resources, etc.



Laura Dietrich

Supervisor - Nursing