Multilingual Learners

A classroom with cards in various languages, and a poster with the globe

The Multilingual Learner department at Norwich Public Schools, is committed to offering the highest quality services for our diverse community of learners. We feel strongly about equity and inclusion and making sure that all students have access to high quality education aligned with the district’s educational framework.


When equity barriers are removed, and teaching practices are inclusive and accessible to all students, every student will achieve social/emotional, linguistic and academic growth and success.


The Multilingual Learner Department aims to create culturally responsive and inclusive classrooms where EL students are supported to participate actively with grade level peers, and achieve their academic goals, becoming active contributors to their society as global-minded citizens.

Students discussing a group project

Norwich Public Schools has a diverse student population and currently services students from many countries around the world. The district supports over 25 different languages within our student population, including Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verde Creole, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese, Chuukese, Albanian, Arabic, Bangla, Bengali, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Fillipino, Polish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Tibetan, Urdu, Vietnamese, and English. Because Norwich is committed to offering the highest quality educational services to all students, the Bilingual/ESL Department provides services in response to the linguistic and educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). The District's programs for ELLs are research-based and are designed to address both English proficiency and academic success.

Virtual Learning Opportunities 
Our district offers a variety of learning opportunities through online platforms, such as:

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Cengage
  • iReady
  • Zearn (Math)
  • Eureka (Math)



Luz Rivera Rodriguez

Multi Lingual Learner Director