Temporary Remote Learning Option

Norwich Public Schools offers students in-person learning or a temporary remote learning option during the COVID-19 pandemic. New students are required to register at norwichpublicschools.org/register before they can participate in either option.

NPS Temporary Remote Learning Option 

Temporary Remote Learning Form

Required Notification to Families from CSDE:

  • Temporary remote learning is a temporary alternative in lieu of in-person instruction. It will not be of the same depth of instruction or time duration as in-person instruction. 
  • At this time, our model (subject to change) will include viewing a live session morning meeting, reading lesson and math lesson at the elementary level and a morning meeting, ELA, Math, Science, and SS lesson at the middle school level. Student practice work will be monitored by the building instructional specialist and supported by the principal and assistant principal where applicable.
  • Students are expected to attend remote classes daily and complete required work and assessments just as if they were attending school in person.  
  • An adult must supervise students in the home at all times.
  • Students will be graded and must participate fully in the remote academic program.
  • Students can return to in-person instruction upon written communication to the registration office with no less than one week’s notice (to re-assign the student to classroom rosters/schedules and/or re-assign to transportation if applicable and requested). 
  • Students cannot mix in-person and remote learning by the day or week or month. They will be enrolled for in-person instruction and must formally enroll in remote instruction herein (unless in circumstances where the class, school or district is all on hybrid or remote instruction)
  • Students electing to participate in remote instruction will not be eligible to enter the school building (for before and after school care or other activities) to protect the safety of all students, staff, cohorting, and contact tracing.
  • The Commissioner of Education and/or Governor can cancel the remote learning option at their discretion.
  • Parents/Guardians of registered students who wish to participate in temporary remote learning provided by NPS are required to fill in the NPS Temporary Remote Learning form on our website.

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