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Complete information on School Uniform Policy 5300 can be obtained in printable format.


School uniforms are required for all preschool through eighth grade students for the start of the school year.

Where can I purchase uniforms?

Students shall wear the following during school hours:

  • Blue or khaki colored jumpers, skirts (not more than 3” above the knee), pants or knee length shorts, sized to fit the student. Pants and shorts must be “dress” or “docker” style.
  • Blue or white shirts must be worn. Shirts must have a collar and may be button down/oxford or polo style. Shirt hems must reach to waistline when arms are raised. Sleeves may be long or short.
  • Sweaters or sweatshirts are optional, but if worn must be solid blue or white in color or contain the district/school insignia or name. Hoods may not be worn within the school building.

Inappropriate Attire

The following are considered inappropriate for all students to wear during regular school hours or at school-sponsored events:

  • All sweat pants, jeans, spandex or any color denim/canvas/jean material, and all cargo-style pants, shirts, shorts, or skorts.
  • Tank tops, undershirts, tee-shirts, halter tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, transparent clothing, plunging revealing or provocative necklines (front and back), shirts containing expressive writing or pajamas.
  • Outer coats, fleece jackets, wind breakers, hats, caps, scarves, earmuffs, bandannas, sunglasses are prohibited indoors.
  • Any item of clothing or an accessory that could cause danger or distraction.
  • Clothing or items that contain messages or images that would tend to be offensive or disruptive to the educational process, including, but not limited to, items with indications of gang affiliations, racist messages, sexist messages, messages promoting drug or alcohol abuse, profane or pornographic messages or illustrations, or messages that incite violence or constitute “fighting words”.
  • Bare feet, bedroom slippers, crocs or open toe shoes, shower style flip flops, slides, roller blades, roller skates, or any footwear that marks floors or has wheels, causes excessive noise, or creates a safety hazard.

Do you have uniforms you wish to Donate?

You can donate old uniforms that are in good condition to the Registration office at 526 East Main Street by scheduling a time to drop them off, call 860-859-5015 ext. 2104.

Contact the Registration office at 860-859-5015 ext. 2104 if you have any questions about school uniforms.