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Message from Preschool Coordinator Tenore

In preschool the children have been learning all about clothing. They are exploring different types of garments, how clothing can protect us from the weather, and materials that are used to make clothing. At home, you can further support this learning by having conversations with your child about different types of clothing. Use the appropriate vocabulary words for different garments and talk about what type of material is used to construct the clothing. As we incorporate clothing and care for clothing into the classroom, children are learning about investigating, asking questions, solving problems, and making predictions.

As the winter weather settles in here in Norwich, clothing is an especially appropriate topic. Each day the children have time to develop their self-help skills by donning and removing their coats/jackets, using fasteners such as zippers and snaps, as well as independently putting on hats and mittens. Adults offer assistance as needed, but the children are so very proud as they develop these skills that allow independence and can successfully put on their own coat and join their own fasteners. As children are learning to join fasteners, we encourage the other children who have mastered this skill to help their peers. In some classrooms teachers may have a “zipper club” which is a list of children that have independently mastered this skill and are now able to assist other children. Both outdoor learning time and practice with dressing are important times in the life of a preschool child. Our preschool classes go outside just about every day, please make sure that your child comes to school with the necessary clothing items to keep them warm while they play outside (coat/jacket, hat, and mittens/gloves).

For practice reinforcing this learning with clothing at home, help your child to generate a list of clothing items that can be found in your home. Your child can then walk about the home and tally how many of each item that they have found. To encourage independence with this activity, next to each word you could draw a small picture of the item. After your child has gone on their clothing search, you could help them to tally and count. Next you could compare which items were most plentiful. Try to ask your child open ended questions such as “I wonder why we have so many socks in the house?” Or “I wonder why this t-shirt is lighter than this sweatshirt.” Then embrace the ideas that your child shares with you as they solve problems and make predictions.


Jenna Tenore, Early Childhood Coordinator

Jennifer Tenore

Jennifer Tenore

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