Huntington Elementary

Front entrance of Huntington elementary school.

A community of learning with a shared purpose, and great communication.

8:50 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
1:35 p.m.


Samuel Huntington Elementary School has an average enrollment of approximately 400 students in grades pre-school through grade 5. Because of the faculty’s commitment to excellence, it is a true learning environment for both children and adults. The school features it's Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program; a team was established and members received intensive training. The team, in turn, started the process of implementing the program within the school. Huntington parents support our efforts on a daily basis through volunteerism and their commitment to work as partners with faculty and administration. In addition, our PTO sponsors and coordinates many school-wide enrichment activities and field trips. As a school of choice in the district, new students are welcomed into our school community. Samuel Huntington Elementary School remains dedicated to continuing its long tradition of academic excellence while meeting the changing needs of our students as they develop into contributing members of our global society. Come visit Huntington School – a community of learning with a shared purpose, good communication, and a climate with justice, discipline, caring, and occasions for celebration.

Educating our community since 1928.

Front entrance to Huntington Elementary school

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