Green Leaf School

Norwich Public Schools participate in the Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program.

The three tenets of this program include:

  • Provide Effective Environmental and Sustainability Education
  • Improve the Health and Wellness of Students and Staff
  • Reduce Environmental Impact and Cost

Norwich is in compliance with all state environmental health laws.

Integrated Pest Management Plan Notification

Pursuant to Connecticut Public Act 99-165 (An Act Concerning Notice of Pesticide Applications at Schools and Day Care Centers), parents or guardians of children in any school may register for prior notice of pesticide application at their school. Each school is required to maintain a registry of persons requesting such notice. To see the policy click here, Pesticide Policy. For information about a specific school's pesticide report, please contact the individual school.


Indoor Air Quality Notification

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes §10-220, the Norwich Board of Education provides a uniform inspection and evaluation of indoor air quality for every school building constructed, extended, renovated, or replaced on or after January 1, 2003. The results of this inspection and evaluation procedure are available for public inspection - Building Inspection Report. For more information please contact Athena Nagel,, 860.823.4200 or information about a specific school's indoor air quality report, please contact the individual school.


Comprehensive Inspection Report for Norwich Public Schools for the following schools:


Bishop School, Samuel Huntington School, John B. Stanton School, Wequonnoc School, and Thomas W. Mahan School, Veterans Memorial School, Uncas School, John M. Moriarty School, Kelly Middle School, Teachers' Memorial Middle School, Hickory Street School, Deborah Tenant-Zinewicz School

Report EDO50


Only schools that are required to be inspected have Asbestos Inspection Report Summaries. For more information please contact Athena Nagel,, 860.823.4200 or information about a specific school's inspection report, please contact the individual school.

Green Cleaning Products Notification

The Norwich Board of Education has implemented a green cleaning program for the cleaning and maintenance of all school buildings and facilities in the district. As part of this program, no parent, guardian, teacher, or staff member may bring into any school facility any consumer product which is intended to clean, deodorize, sanitize, or disinfect. The school district's green cleaning policy, including a list of products used, the location of those products in the school buildings and facilities, and the schedule of when such cleaning products are applied, is available here GREEN CLEANING PROGRAM IN SCHOOLS (CT PUBLIC ACT 09-81). For more information, please contact Eddie Guntner, 860-859-5015 ext. 2114

To view the full list of Green Cleaning Products and cleaning schedules:


School Facilities Survey

Each district in the state is required to file an EDO50 School Facilities Survey for each of its schools with the state every other year (odd years). This document includes information about the age, use, and size of the building, status of building conditions, compliance with environmental law requirements, and security.

Norwich Public School’s EDO50 reports may be viewed on the State of Connecticut Department of Education’s website

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