Connecting with Community Mental Health Providers to Support Schools, Students, and Families



Family issues, health emergencies, grief, and trauma resulting from the pandemic have had an
impact on the social-emotional, behavioral and mental health, and well-being of students. If
we are to effectively meet the academic and non-academic needs of every child in Connecticut
this fall, we must support the reengagement, resocialization, social-emotional development,
and the mental health needs of all students.

Community Mental Health Providers can help schools support students and their families
in many ways such as providing direct services, providing in-class and virtual support to
classrooms, and helping schools better engage with hard to reach or disengaged students and

This webinar will help school district staff identify and connect with local community providers
and learn about initiatives and partnerships that are seeing success in other Connecticut
school districts.


  • Glen Peterson, Education Division Director, CSDE
  • Jeana Bracey, Associate Vice President of School and Community Initiatives, Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
  • Brunilda Ferraj, Director of Policy Research, CT Nonprofit Alliance
  • Hector Glynn, Chief Operating Officer, The Village for Families and Children
  • Christine Montgomery, Vice President of Community and School-Based Services, Clifford Beers
  • Gemma Joseph-Lumpkin, Chief of Youth, Family and Community Engagement, New Haven Public Schools

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m. (live)

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