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In the schools: A busy start to the year for Norwich public schools

Submitted By Jessica Dolliver, For The Bulletin

Starting on Sept. 15, the Teachers Memorial Global Magnet Middle School students began learning about Hispanic culture during their lunch waves. The Family-engagement and Attendance Coordinator Yelitza Brooks and Teen Outreach Program Coordinator Mabel Ojieyan taught and are continuing to teach students how to Merengue, Salsa, and Bachata. You can hear Hispanic music filtering out of the cafeteria during the waves as students watch and mimic the coordinators’ dance moves. Ms. Brooks, of Hispanic heritage, expressed how excited she gets when seeing students learn about her culture. She believes exposure and infusion are the keys to creating a more inclusive society. Eighth-grade students Juan and AJ provided their thoughts on how the activities impacted them. Juan talked of how learning about the Hispanic culture means a lot to him because now he can teach other people why this month is important. AJ expressed how interesting it is to learn about his ancestors and the Hispanic culture in general.

All students received pencils with “Hispanic Heritage Month” inscribed on them in celebration of the month-long activities. Later in the month, students will participate in Spanish language translation games to help increase their knowledge of key phrases. Hispanic Heritage Month runs through Oct. 15.

Stanton PTO Starts Strong

On Sept. 15, the Stanton PTO held their first meeting at the picnic tables just outside the school. Veteran PTO members Meghan Bussey, the Family-engagement and Attendance Coordinator for the school, and Principal Susan Lessard were shocked and excited to see the number of attendants at the first meeting! Thirty-three individuals came, including mothers, fathers, aunts, grandparents, and school-day staff. The PTO President Sandra Van Lew began the meeting with introductions, then reviewed and planned fall events with the participants, including Picture Day, the first fundraiser, and Trunk or Treat.

A variety of family members contributed to the planning process and brought up new ideas to raise money for our Stanton students. After important details were put into place and calendars were marked, Ms. Bussey stated that she was able to take a step back and see all the great conversations going on between the family members while their children played in the grass together. An important factor of the PTO meetings is the inclusiveness of the entire family. The invite was extended to any and all family members who have a student at John B. Stanton and it’s encouraged for them to bring their children so that they are able to interact with each other and also give insight into what the student population would like to see happen in their school! The Stanton PTO is very excited for this school year and getting some normalcy back into the students’ lives through events and celebrations here at Stanton!

Meetings and opportunities

October’s Norwich Board of Education Virtual Meeting will stream through the district’s Facebook page on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 5:30 p.m.

Jessica Dolliver is the media communications manager for Norwich Public Schools.

Originally posted, October 2, 2021

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