SBAC Assessments for Remote Students



Dear Families,

We strive to ensure that your child—and all Norwich Public School students—receive an education that prepares them to thrive in a global economy and in civic life. Connecticut General Statutes (Section 10-14n) mandates that all public school students enrolled in Grades 3 through 8, and 11 participate in a “mastery examination” approved by the State Board of Education that measures essential and grade-appropriate skills in reading, writing, mathematics, or science. 

Beginning April 19, 2021, Norwich Public Schools will administer the Smarter Balanced Assessments in grades three through eight. These are tests aligned to Connecticut Core Standards and grade-level expectations and are designed to work together to help ensure that every student meets the overarching goal that all students leave high school prepared for postsecondary success in college or a career through increased learning and improved teaching.

Please review the district’s testing window below. Your child’s school will provide you with more detail. Contact your child’s school for questions regarding testing.

Date Test Grades
April 19 - April 30 Reading 3-8
May 3 - May 14 Math 3-8
May 17 - May 28 Science Grades 5 and 8


The Parent Guide is available for additional information. Please see the FAQ to assist in explaining the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

In order to administer these assessments in the remote environment, we are asking for your support so that we may gather the most accurate measure of what your child already knows and is ready to learn. Your child’s teacher will assist in proctoring the test during these times.

We ask that you follow the guidelines below for testing:
  • Do not copy test items in any way (photographs, hand copying, or screen capture, etc.).

  • Do not allow your child to use other devices during the test (calculator, dictionary, cell phone, tablet, etc.).

  • Do not use other internet sources to answer or assist with test questions.

  • Allow your child to answer the questions on their own. Encourage them to do their best without guiding them to a certain answer.

  • Please also keep in mind the following:

    • Your child’s teacher will be available to answer questions and will proctor the test. Please feel free to contact them as needed.

    • Please plan to have your child present online during the assigned testing time and have an adult nearby to offer technology support.

    • If your child has an IEP or 504 program, some accommodations may be provided through the testing software. If you have any questions contact your child’s case manager. 



Tamara Gloster
Assistant Superintendent


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