Superintendent Letter: Learning Plan Update



Dear Families,

Welcome back!

January 11-15, 2021 we will be in the hybrid learning model.

January 18-22, 2021 we will be in the hybrid learning model. 

  • January 18 is a holiday-no school

  • January 19 is a staff PD day-no school

  • January 20 is a remote Wednesday

  • January 21 & 22-Cohort B in Person

Given the amount of virus in the city,  the State does not recommend that we move to more in-person learning at this time. The recommendation is that we maintain the current learning model. Travel over the holiday break and folks not following at-home mitigation recommendations have contributed to the higher positivity rate in the City of Norwich. We expect the data to begin to decrease as folks have returned from break and vaccines are being administered.

Health Metrics: Here are the weekly positivity rates for the City of Norwich. As a reminder, this is one of the metrics considered when determining the learning model. DPH and SDE are relying less and less on the positivity rates as they learn more about COVID-19. 

  • During the week of October 19, the city positivity rate was 40.7 per 100,000

  • During the week of October 26, the positivity rate was 30.8 

  • During the week of November 2, the positivity rate was 22.4

  • During the week of November 9, the positivity rate was 18.1

  • During the week of November 16, the positivity rate was 33.4

  • During the week of November 23, the positivity rate was 43.3

  • During the week of November 30, the positivity rate was 40.9

  • During the week of December 7, the positivity rate was 38.1

  • During the week of December 14, the positivity rate was 61.5

  • During the week of December 21, the positivity rate was 70.3

  • During the week of December 28, the positivity rate was  65

  • During the week of January 4, the positivity rate was 82.3

Positivity rates are still very high in the City of Norwich. A variety of metrics are analyzed in a holistic manner weekly (under the leadership of Uncas Health) to determine the school learning model, including:

  • Transmission rate within schools (currently 1.0%) 

  • Number of COVID positives in the school department and in each school.

  • Number of COVID positives in 1 household vs. spread among several 

  • Number of close contacts made to quarantine because of a COVID positive.

  • Percent of remote learners (currently 35%)

  • Fidelity of mitigation strategies

  • Number of COVID positive staff that are Norwich residents vs. non-residents 

  • Schools are the source of food, warmth, safety, and mental health support for many students

Schools are very well controlled environments where multiple mitigation strategies are intentionally managed (frequent hand washing, mask use, monitoring symptoms, monitoring close contacts, cohorting, distancing, maximizing outdoor time, cleaning and disinfecting, etc.)

 Learning Model Plan (subject to change)

Sept 8-11 Hybrid in half days
Sept 14-Oct 1 Hybrid in full 2 days & High Need Students 4 days
Oct 2-16 Generally Remote (High Need Students in person)
Oct 19-23 Generally Remote add high-need students. Adult Education and pre-school in person.
Oct 26-Nov 13 Hybrid model
Nov 16-Dec 18 Hybrid model 2 days, All IEP &  ESL students invited 4 days
Dec 21-Dec 23 Remote due to staffing
Jan 4-22 Hybrid model 2 days, All IEP & ESL students invited 4 days

Remote learning numbers by school as of today:

Huntington Mahan Moriarty Stanton Uncas  Vets Wequonnoc Kelly Global
32.3% 37.4% 34.34% 38.34% 33.2% 35.9% 31.32% 45.30% 39.04%

I hope you are all safe and well. 

Kristen E. Stringfellow Ed.D.

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