Superintendent Letter: Learning Plan Update



Dear Families,

Yesterday and today, meetings were held with Uncas Health and DOH (Department of Health) to review the health metrics related to COVID-19 in the City of Norwich.

During the week of November 9 to November 13, we will remain in a hybrid model.

  • Positive tests in Norwich are still trending downward. That is very good news.
    • During the week of October 19, the city positivity rate was 40.7 per 100,000
    • During the week of October 26, the positivity rate was 30.8
    • During the week of November 2, the positivity rate was 22.4
  • Our city is still in a “red alert status” meaning that positivity rates are still above 15. This is a Citywide measure in CT. The measure for schools in CT is under 25.
  • The DOH measure for schools is a higher threshold because schools are very well controlled environments where multiple mitigation strategies are intentionally managed (frequent hand washing, mask use, monitoring symptoms, monitoring close contacts, cohorting, distancing, maximizing outdoor time, cleaning and disinfecting, etc.)
  • Please remain vigilant in safety efforts to minimize risk outside of school.
  • The community has been extremely compliant this week and we are thankful.
  • We respectfully ask that you discourage travel on Thanksgiving, stay at home, and enjoy a small and safe family gathering. If you are dining with people not living in your home please wear a mask. The health of our children and staff depend on it.

Phase in to Re-Open (As long as the health metrics remain favorable)

Please know that temporary remote learners will continue to be honored by the Governor

Aug 31-Sept 4 All staff in-Training
Sept 8-11 Hybrid in half days
Sept 14-Oct 1 Hybrid in full 2 days & High Need Students 4 days
Oct 2-16 Generally Remote (High Need Students in person)
Oct 19-23 Generally Remote add high need students. Adult Education and pre-school in person.
Oct 26-30 Hybrid model 2 days & High Need Students in 4 days
Nov 2-6 Hybrid model 2 days & ALL IEP students welcome to attend 4 days 
Nov 9-13 Hybrid model 2 days & ALL IEP students welcome to attend 4 days
Principals will begin to reach out to invite high need ELL hybrid students to attend 4 days
Nov 16-20 All students in 4 days a week (remote learning on Wednesday)
Nov 23-24 All students in both days (November 25-27 is Thanksgiving break)
Nov 30-Dec 4 All student in 5 days (Dec 2-Dec 4: Early Dismissal for Family Conferences)


As a reminder, next week

  • Cohort A attends school on Monday and Tuesday
  • Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day, no school, no remote learning.
  • Cohort B attends school on Thursday and Friday


Here are our current remote learning numbers by school:

Huntington Mahan Moriarty Stanton Uncas  Vets Wequonnoc Kelly Global
28.01% 37.14% 39.17% 41.67% 35.68% 40% 33.46% 40.63% 37.68%


Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you are all safe and well.


Kristen E. Stringfellow Ed.D.

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