Superintendent's Update: Incorrect Information



Dear Norwich Families and Staff, 

I am writing to you to clarify a message contained in an August 14, 2020 correspondence to Governor Lamont from Senators Looney, Dougherty-Abrams, Anwar, Kasser, Kushner, and Moore regarding the opening of schools in Connecticut. In the letter, they reference, “Norwich Public Schools immediately closed in-person summer school due to an outbreak (of COVID-19).” As Superintendent, I know that information to be incorrect. I called Senate President Pro Tempore Looney and informed his staff of the error. This morning, with the assistance of Norwich Senator Cathy Osten, I was able to talk with the author of the letter, Senator Doherty-Abrams. Senator Doherty-Abrams apologized for the mistake stating that she inadvertently wrote “Norwich” when it should have been “Norwalk.” 

A copy of the original correspondence, an email from Senator Doherty-Abrams, and a copy of the media coverage which correctly named the Norwalk School Department are attached. 

I am so sorry if this error caused any worry or concern. I am thankful to our faculty who brought the error to my attention. I wanted to get to the bottom of it and address it with you promptly. 


Kristen E. Stringfellow, Ed.D. 


Superintenden Update for September 4, 2020

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