Volunteers put together picnic tables for Norwich schools


Published September 23. 2020 5:04PM | Updated September 23, 2020 8:32PM

By Sean D. Elliot   Day staff writer

 s.elliot@theday.com   seandelliot

Norwich — Community volunteers were assembling picnic tables Wednesday at Wequonnoc Magnet Elementary School. 

Volunteer Zechariah Stover joined Family Resource Center coordinator Cindy Beauregard and Norwich Public Utilities employees Tom Gaedreau and Shawn Paradis to assemble the 10 tables delivered to the school.

The Norwich Public Schools Education Foundation is raising money to buy 100 picnic tables for the city's schools to be used for outside dining, mask breaks and other outdoor activities amid the coronavirus pandemic.


A HUGE Thanks to all of the people who volunteered build the picnic tables!

Sunday, September 20
Where: Mahan, Uncas, and Veterans
Who: Zechariah Stover, East Great Plains, Norwich Police Department, Jodi Savage & family, and NFA Project Outreach Students

Tuesday, September 22
Where: Huntington, Bishop, Case St, Moriarty 
Who: Norwich Public Works

Wednesday, September 23
Where: Wequonnoc
Who: Zechariah Stover and Norwich Public Utilities

View the Gallery - Volunteers working to build picnic tables

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