National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

Unique way to acquire a high school diploma for adults who:

  • are self-directed and mature.
  • may be concerned about confidentiality.
  • want recognition of their lifelong learning and employment experiences.
  • prefer to demonstrate their knowledge in practical ways.
  • need flexible scheduling.
  • can document work-related skills and experiences; document a current occupation or trade; or demonstrate a special talent or advanced academic skills.

The program is designed for especially mature adults and is:
  • self-paced.
  • confidential.
  • web-based.
  • conducted through one-on-one appointments with trained advisors and assessors.
  • completed within six months to a year.

It also offers participants:
  • flexible scheduling.
  • the ability to choose their instructional resource.
  • demonstration of skills, without requiring classroom time.


The National External Diploma Program is currently offered at the Adult Education Center, 191 Hickory Street, Norwich, CT, but is available to students throughout the Cooperative.

Contact Information:
Joanne Semmelrock
NEDP Coordinator
860-823-4299 ext. 2305


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