SUCCESS STORIES - Testimonials

Norwich Transition Academy strives to provide a supportive, flexible transition program for our students, focusing on advocacy, community living, employment and daily living skills. With that in mind, we're proud to showcase some of our success stories - testimonials from our alumni and their families.

"My name is Leslie Jones, the proud mom of Patrick Jones, a 2021 graduate from the Norwich Transition Program in Norwich, CT. Patrick attended the program for three years after high school and is now employed at Mohegan Sun which was the direct result of support throughout the program with employment readiness skills such as interviewing, application completion, workplace ethics and expectations as well as the most valuable on the job experience under the watchful eyes and support of the wonderful NTA  job coaches at various work sites. I know Patrick benefited from experiences and acquired life skills that I could never have provided him. Besides which, like most young adults, he takes advice and guidance better from others than his mom! I truly believe NTA has given Patrick a foundation for life skills and employment that will serve him well in his future. Many thanks to Mr. Dufort, Ms. Orcutt and all of the job coaches for your efforts and support! I highly recommend NTA!"

Leslie A. Jones