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Kelly's Governance Council

All meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the school library.

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Mission Statement:
Create a partnership in education between the parents, school staff and community in order to improve student success.

Goals, Objective and Actions (actions not completed)
Data team:
1.  Analyze Kelly Middle School achievement and school data including but not limited to CMT scores, parent and teacher surveys, and other school testing results in order to recommend appropriate actions to address areas of concern.  

  • Determine areas of concern and recommend programmatic and operational changes to improve the schools academic achievement. (This may include program changes and adjusting school hours and/or days of operation.)
  • Recommend budget adjustments to the BOE and City Council based on any recommended programmatic or operational changes.  
  • Prepare recommendations for consideration of the KMS School Improvement Plan based on parent and teacher input and analysis of school data.
All review and recommendations will be made to the governance council for consideration.

Outreach Committee
2.  Identify and prepare a written policy outlining ways parents and school personnel can build a partnership to improve student learning considering the cultural and socioeconomic diversities that are present at Kelly Middle School. 
  • Develop a program for outreach to parents of different cultural populations utilizing records relating to information about parents and guardians of students maintained by Board of Education (we may need to do this in executive session), as necessary.  Develop a parent survey to assist with the program preparation, as well.
  • Create a mechanism and open door policy so that parents can communicate general concerns or recommendations with the KMS Governance Council regarding student learning environment.  This shall not include individual complaints about teachers, but constructive comments regarding the educational environment within KMS.
  • Develop a program for outreach to the Kelly Middle School teachers to help determine their needs in fostering a partnership with parents and improving KMS educational environment.
All review and recommendations will be made to the governance council for consideration.  

Student and Parent Support
3.  Investigate tools to foster confidence building for students and parents with regard to academic abilities.
  • Prepare and recommend a mentoring program with Norwich Tech and Norwich Free Academy that will improve student confidence and provide an understanding of future educational opportunities.  
  • Need more here… addressing the needs of diverse populations

All review and recommendations will be made to the governance council for consideration.

Legislative Committee
4.  Review and understand education legislation that is proposed (or exists) on the state level and its impact on Kelly Middle School. As necessary, provide input and testimony regarding such legislation or the need to change any state statute.   

  • Support the needs of Kelly Middle School teachers and Administrators and solicit input as to problems with any legislation.  

This is an important committee that I think we as parents have not had enough input into – the legislation impacting our schools and our children.  Reports are to be made to the Council for consideration and further action.

Perception Committee
5.  Work to improve the climate and perception of Kelly Middle School and help create community atmosphere within the school environment. 

Perception of school is a critical component in that if we do not feel our school provides a good education or is a safe place, our school is going to fail.  Boosting our perception will boost commitment.  This will be somewhat of a public relations campaign.  This committee will work with data from surveys as to perception.    

Executive Committee
6.  Set agendas

Darcy Strauss
Bill Peckrul
Chloe Fitzgerald
Jennie Robbins
Greg Landry
Tom St. George
Steve Bakoulis
Andrea Kaiser
Laura Wedge
Lee-Ann Gomes
Dannika Byrd
Beth Belliveau
Cheryl Sylvestre

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