NPS BOE Budget

Board of Education

Budget Committee Meeting

Committee Members:

  • Board of Education Chair, Ms. Heather Romanski
  • Board of Education Member, Ms. Carline Charmelus
  • Board of Education Member, Mr. Mark Kulos
  • Board of Education Member, Mr. Swaranjit Singh Bhatia
  • Board of Education Member, Ms. Christine DiStasio
  • Board of Education Member, Ms. Patricia Staley
  • Board of Education Member, Dr. Yvette Jacaruso, Ed.D.
  • Alderman, Ms. Stacy Gould
  • Alderman, Mr. Derell Wilson


  • Superintendent, Dr. Kristen Stringfellow, Ed.D.
  • Business Administrator, Ms. Athena Nagel
  • Executive Asst. to the Superintendent, Ms. Amber Rutigliano

Latest from Student Services

Four diverse children wearing brightly colored shirts.

Child Find

In accordance with federal regulations, Norwich Public Schools assumes the responsibility for the location, identification, and evaluation of all children with a disability residing in Norwich, whether or not they attend a public school.

This includes any child enrolled within the district who is suspected of having a disability including children who are:

  • Age 3 - 5 (Birth to three years are located and identified by the State of CT Birth-To-Three System)
  • Private School Attendees: Children enrolled in private or parochial schools by their parents
  • Highly Mobile
  • Homeless
  • Migrant or Immigrant Families