Cultural Calendar

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The City of Norwich believes in equity and equality, promoting, supporting and embracing cultural diversity. This calendar is meant to highlight observances celebrated by its various cultures and populations within the city.

Haiti Independence Day Graphic
Dr. MLK Jr Graphic
Black History Month Graphic
Chinese New Year Graphic
Tibetan New Year Graphic
Dominican Republic Independence Day Graphic
Graphic of St. David's Day
Sikh Nation New Year Graphic
St Patricks Day Graphic
Holi Graphic
Arab American Heritage Graphic
Lao New Year Graphic
National Sikh Day Graphic
Sikh Declaration of Independence Day Graphic
Asian Heritage Month Graphic
Cinco De Mayo Graphic
Haitian Flag Day
African Day Graphic
Sikh Memorial Day Graphic
Philippine Independence Day Graphic
Juneteenth Graphic
Cape Verdean Independence Day Graphic
Argentina Independence Day Graphic
Puerto Rico Constitution Day Graphic
Peruvian Independence Day Graphic
Islamic New Year Graphic
Pakistan Independence Day Graphic
India Independence Day Graphic
Pan African Flag Day Graphic
Brazil Independence Day Graphic
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua Independence Day Graphic
Mexico Independence Day Graphic
Chile Independence Day Graphic
China National Day Graphic
Italian American Heritage Day Graphic
Celebrate Indigenous People Day
Native American Heritage Month Graphic
Sikh Genocide Remembrance Day Graphic
Graphic od Bahai Appreciation Day
Diwali / Bandi Graphic
Poland Independence Day Graphic
Hanukkah/Chanukah Graphic
Kwanzaa Graphic
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We encourage Norwich residents to submit their cultural observances by clicking on the green plus icon below to add an event.

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Tue, Dec 1
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