Invention Convention

Invention Convention Worldwide is a global K-12 invention education program that teaches students problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills and builds confidence in invention, innovation and entrepreneurship for life. Invention Convention programs happen at the school, local, regional and national levels in the United States and a growing number of countries worldwide.

Students from Moriarty Environmental Magnet Elementary, Stanton Elementary and Kelly STEAM Magnet Middle were selected as their school’s Invention Convention winners. These students brainstormed a problem they witnessed in their life and created an invention to solve it. Their inventions will now be submitted to compete at the state level competition. Do you see an invention that would make your life easier?

  • The Denizard Chair

  • The Masktie

  • The Kitty Copter

  • Penchie Pencil

  • Flag Football Kit

  • Standing Baseball Bag

  • Stay Cool Curtain

  • Stroller Privacy Curtain

  • Voice Automated Shelf

  • Aromatherapy Bear